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The natural sunlight is a mix of different spectral radiations, which produce the resulting white light. Said natural light allows our eyes to perceive exactly the right colours and the delicate shades of what we see.

When it comes to artificial lighting, each type of lighting technology (i.e.: fluorescent, halogen, tungsten, LED, etc…) greatly differs in its ability to render the true colours of gemstones and jewellery products.

Up to now, incandescent and halogen light sources provided a good rendering on red gems like rubies but spoiled the pure white colour of diamonds. Their generated heat, electric consumption and lifespan were also an issue for the profession.

Since its appearance in 1990, the LED lighting technology started to bring solutions, and those improved every year.

By exhibiting each type of coloured gemstone separately and adapting the colour temperature of the LED lights accordingly (i.e.: warm colour for rubies, cold colour for sapphires, mix colours for diamonds or mix coloured stones), we were able to achieve very good results, as far as the colour rendering was concerned.

The difficulty was then to solve the problems by rendering the true colour of different types of gemstones, exhibited in the same environment, with one unique type of light source:

  • keeping colour quality and light output
  • enhancing the colour of red colour products
  • enhancing at the same time the blue and green colour products, which usually require a complete different light colour temperature
  • enhancing the sparkling effect of the precious stones
  • rendering the true colours of yellow, blue, white, pink diamonds at the same time
  • rendering the appearance of any jewel or watch under artificial light as if it was exhibited under the natural sunlight.

DiaLumen finally brings the solution with the GEMLED product range, which combines all of the above requirements.

This huge step ahead will make the difference.

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